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Desperate guards in Pretoria rally for job security – Will they be left out in the cold?



Pretoria guards demand job security

A group of members belonging to the Independent Democratic Union of South Africa (Idusa) recently marched to Tshwane House in Pretoria CBD, causing traffic disruption. The Citizen reports that they had come to deliver a memorandum that demanded the inclusion of security workers in the city’s budget.

According to Idusa Tshwane representative Joshua Mudau, the group feels that the City of Tshwane needs to acknowledge the significant role of security guards in protecting the city. He expressed disappointment that, although the city had absorbed 1,000 workers in 2021, the rest still needed support. He also mentioned the unfairness of the vetting process, as many other security officers still need to receive an opportunity to apply.

Mudau emphasized the importance of security guards, stating that the city would face chaos without them. Therefore, he requested a chance for security guards to apply and undergo screening.

Dr Johan Burger, a security expert, weighed in on the matter, saying that private security services may be a better option due to the extra burden of administration around additional security guards. He added that with all the property and infrastructure the city is responsible for, using security officers appointed exclusively for this purpose may be the only option. Although he is still determining the binding nature of the 2018 decision, he believes that the city has no other choice in this regard.

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Picture: Facebook / IDUSA – Independent Democratic Union Of South Africa

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