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The Pothole Golf Association (PGA) is South Africa’s newest organization



South African golfers Harry Putter and Sandile Phata-Phata have announced the launch of a new nationwide “hole in one” golf course. The pair revealed their plans to create a unique and challenging golf course for all levels of golfers, from beginners to pros as reported by Compleat Golfer.

In addition to the new golf course, Putter and Phata-Phata also announced the first-ever African National Championship (ANC) scheduled for 2024. The ANC will be a major event that aims to showcase the best golfers from across the continent and promote the sport in Africa.

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Putter and Phata-Phata expressed their excitement at the opportunity to promote golf in Africa and create a unique experience for golf enthusiasts. They believe the new golf course, and ANC will encourage more people to take up the sport and provide a platform for African golfers to showcase their talent.

The location of the new golf course is yet to be announced, but the anticipation for the ANC in 2024 is already building. Putter and Phata-Phata are confident that the event will be a huge success and establish a new standard for golf in Africa.


Photo by Jopwell

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