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Prime Hydration – The latest craze among South African teens!



Prime Hydration in South Africa

The launch of Prime Hydration in South Africa created a frenzy among teenagers and their parents, who eagerly lined up at Checkers stores early in the morning to purchase the energy drink, as reported by Briefly SA News. The product, owned by YouTubers and boxers KSI and Logan Paul, is exclusively sold at Checkers and is priced at around R40 per bottle.

According to EWN, the scarcity of the product has led to a resale of up to R1,000 per bottle on resale sites in England and the United States. Checkers initially launched with four flavours of Prime Hydration: Blue Raspberry, Ice Pop, Lemon Lime, and Tropical Punch.

A TikTok video posted by @bare.ps_ showing a long line outside a Checkers store went viral quickly, and the energy drink became a top trending topic on social media on Monday. Many people expressed their surprise and confusion about the hype surrounding Prime Hydration. Check out the video below:

@bare.ps_ I hope this is the way you run to read your Bible and go to Church 😌 #primejuice #primeinsouthafrica #primeinsouthafrica#ksi#loganpaul#southafrica#southafricatiktok ♬ Dr Dope Ten Past Fo – drdope031

Some social media users questioned the reasons behind the frenzy. In contrast, others compared it to the long lines seen during the limited sale of alcohol in 2020. Some users speculated that the influence of Western culture was driving the hype. In contrast, others joked about the potential superpowers that the drink may provide.

Despite the hype, some social media users shared their reservations about the product, with one commenting that it was the “one drink” they would not consume. Nevertheless, others reported that Prime Hydration was still widely available at Checkers stores in some areas until evening.


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