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See what this American YouTuber did for 20,000 South African Kids in his latest heartwarming ‘Beast Philanthropy’ video



Mr Beast 20000 shoes

Jimmy Donaldson, also known as MrBeast, has recently provided 20,000 children in South Africa with their very first pair of shoes to make their walk to school more comfortable. As reported by SAPeople, he has over 137 million subscribers on his MrBeast channel, making it the fourth most subscribed YouTube channel. Fortunately, he has a soft spot for helping people in South Africa.

On Wednesday, Jimmy posted a video of his philanthropic work in South Africa, which has already gained over 2.6 million views. He stated that all the ad revenue from charity videos is meant for running food pantries and helping people worldwide. Jimmy thought it would be fun to use his fame to create a loop of helping, where he could use the revenue from a good deed to do the following good deed.

Despite his kind gesture, his critics have expressed that he is simplifying the children’s problems in getting to school and making more money. However, 100% of the profits from his philanthropic work go towards making the world a better place. His fans have come to his defence, saying that even if his approach is simplified, it is still better than doing nothing and that some people love to hate.

Jimmy’s goal is to transform money into something good, and he has done so since receiving his first YouTube sponsorship deal of $10,000 in 2017. His fame began then, and he only agreed to the agreement on the condition that he could give away all of the money. One YouTube user pointed out that providing 20,000 shoes to kids in Africa is not just a donation but an act of kindness that brings joy, comfort, and protection to their little feet.

Jimmy thanked Lectric eBikes for sponsoring his latest video, which allowed him to give away the 20,000 shoes, and Yeezy Busta, who sold part of his collection to buy thousands more pairs of shoes for needy kids. He also expressed his gratitude towards Barefoot No More in South Africa, whose mission is to bring school shoes to hundreds of thousands of kids in South Africa who have none.


Jimmy has done several philanthropic works in South Africa, one of which Lectric eBikes sponsored, where he rebuilt Mama Rosie’s orphanage. The kids who made the merchandise even invited Jimmy’s fans to buy, with 100% of the profits supporting the orphanage. In addition, South African musician The Kiffness has requested Jimmy to make a video providing electricity to South Africa.

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Picture: Deseret NewsMargaret Darby

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