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Ramaphosa: Major Efforts to Reduce Rolling Blackouts Underway



In his weekly letter, President Cyril Ramaphosa stated that significant measures are being implemented to decrease the occurrence of rolling blackouts. One of these measures includes restoring the service of units at Eskom’s Kusile and Medupi power plants on schedule as reported by the SABC News. However, Ramaphosa is currently facing a legal challenge from 19 litigants, including unions and opposition parties, in the Constitutional Court regarding rolling blackouts.

In response to this challenge, he stated that he and the national government are not derelict in their duties as the responsibility for electricity provision is primarily placed on municipalities. While the government is confident that these initiatives will ultimately alleviate rolling blackouts, it will take time to see results.

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As South Africa enters the winter season, the electricity demand is expected to increase. To manage electricity usage, Ramaphosa urges South Africans to use energy-saving solutions such as switching off household appliances that consume a lot of electricity during peak periods. Electricity Minister Dr Kgosientsho Ramokgopa also unveiled an energy plan over the weekend to reduce rolling blackouts.

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Photo: Facebook / @Cyril Ramaphosa

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