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Rand Water Shutdown Extended – Johannesburg Water Provides Update



Rand Water shutdown has been extended again

According to an update from Johannesburg Water (JW), the Rand Water shutdown has been extended again. The new completion date and time for the shutdown are now from July 13 at 15:00 to July 14 at 05:00.

The purpose of this planned shutdown, as stated in the official statement, is to facilitate the completion of a tie-in between the A19 and B14 pipelines, including installing isolation valves and system upgrades at Rand Water’s Eikenhof Pump Station.

During this extended shutdown, the Rand Water Daleside Pump Station will also be affected, along with JW’s Yeoville reservoir. The impact on these critical infrastructure elements underscores the need for careful planning and execution to minimise disruptions and ensure the smooth resumption of water supply.

Johannesburg Water assures residents that further updates regarding the affected Johannesburg infrastructure, including reservoirs, towers, and direct feeds, will be promptly provided. In addition, JW will communicate detailed information on alternative water supply arrangements.

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Residents are encouraged to visit the official Johannesburg social media platforms to stay informed and receive the latest updates on the Rand Water shutdown and its impact. These platforms will serve as the primary source of information, keeping the community abreast of developments and providing guidance during this period.

Johannesburg Water recognises the importance of efficient communication and transparency in managing such situations. By maintaining open lines of communication and delivering timely updates, the organisation aims to alleviate any inconvenience caused by the extended shutdown and ensure that residents are well-informed throughout the process.

As the Rand Water shutdown continues with the extended timeframe, Johannesburg Water remains committed to the practical completion of the necessary infrastructure work, prioritising the long-term reliability and efficiency of the water supply system.

Source: Taps dry a little longer for J’burg residents

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