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Important Water Shutdown Notice for Johannesburg Residents



water shutdown

Johannesburg residents have been advised to prepare for an upcoming water shutdown scheduled for next Tuesday. The Eikenhof pump station will be closed for maintenance during this period, starting from Tuesday at 4pm and lasting until Thursday as reported by the Time Live.

To ensure preparedness, customers are requested to store an ample water supply for 48 hours, starting from Sunday, July 9. The planned shutdown is necessary to install isolation valves and conduct system upgrades at Rand Water’s Eikenhof pump station. As a result, there will be no water supply in the Johannesburg Water infrastructure connected to the Eikenhof pump station and the areas directly receiving water supply from Rand Water.

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It is important to note that the full recovery of the water systems may take approximately five days or longer after the supply has been restored. However, Johannesburg Water has arranged to provide alternative water supply at hospitals, clinics, schools, municipal offices, police stations, and shopping centres.

The areas that will be affected by the shutdown include Randburg, Roodepoort, Johannesburg Central, Ennerdale, Southdale, and Soweto.


Please make the necessary preparations and ensure you have sufficient water storage during this period.

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