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Rand Water’s Bold Move to Solve Water Crisis – Plans to Build New Reservoir!



Rand Water to procure land to develop a new reservoir adjacent to the Northridge reservoir in Ward 92

The City of Ekurhuleni has commenced discussions with Rand Water to procure land to develop a new reservoir adjacent to the Northridge reservoir in Ward 92. Although the project is still in the planning stages, Ward 92 Counselor Kade Guerreiro has welcomed the news, stating that the ward would have sufficient water storage during and after water outages if the construction is successful. According to Bedfordview and Edenvale News, water supply vandalism has been a significant concern, leading to a recent lack of water supply to Wards 92 and 36. As a result, Rand Water has asked the municipality to construct a new reservoir as they are responsible for providing residents with water.

The new reservoir’s construction will provide the city with enough water to supply residents for two to three days if Rand Water fails to provide water, thereby ensuring water security for the community. Ward 92, which is unique regarding water supply, has one part of the ward receiving water from a different stream, including Meadowdale and Highway Gardens. According to Guerreiro, Sunnryridge and Sunnyrock are high-lying areas, which makes it difficult for them to receive water during an outage, and they are the first areas to experience water shortages.

The plan is to use modern technology to construct a much larger water tower and reservoir next to the Sunnyridge water tower and Northridge reservoir. The existing infrastructure, which comprises two towers and a reservoir, is getting old, with the second, smaller tower constructed in 1958 posing stability concerns. Guerreiro has called on residents to continue using water sparingly and to have backup water storage in buckets and bottles.

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Picture:  Sohaib Al Kharsa on Unsplash

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