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Randpark Ridge Residents Frustrated Over Unresolved Sewage Leak



Randpark Ridge sewage leak

The Randpark Ridge sewage leak in the Pampoen Spruit continues to mar locals’ environment, despite assurances from Johannesburg Water three weeks ago that it would address the issue promptly.

The sewage leak, which poses both environmental and health concerns, was initially acknowledged by Johannesburg Water’s spokesperson, Nombuso Shabalala, on August 24. At that time, Shabalala stated that “technical teams will attend to the leak by the weekend,” indicating a swift resolution.

But as of September 15, there has been no significant progress. Shabalala has now revealed that they are initiating a Request for Pricing (RFP) to hire a contractor to address the issue. She stated, “We are starting a Request for Pricing (RFP) and anticipating appointing a contractor end of September.”

Shabalala also provided insight into the expected repair timeline, suggesting that the work should not take more than a week to complete once a contractor is appointed.

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The consequences of this sewage leak are not just in Randpark Ridge. Residents in nearby Boskruin, located approximately 3 kilometres northeast of the point of the leak, are also affected. They must contend with the smell of sewage drifting through their homes and the sight of green water in the street. Occasional sightings of toilet paper and faecal matter in the water are a stark reminder of the ongoing issue.

Stephen Hall, a resident enduring this problem, expressed his dismay. He said, “It smells awful and it is terrible for the environment. I do not know why it is taking them so long to fix.” His neighbour, Chris le Roux, echoed his sentiments. He noted that they had been dealing with this issue for approximately three years, with this year being particularly severe.

Ward 134 councillor Devon Steenkamp acknowledged his awareness of the leak, indicating that a community member had reported it to Johannesburg Water. However, he emphasised the importance of residents reaching out to him for assistance in escalating the matter, stating, “If there is a matter I would appreciate the community reach out to me and tell me if it requires a site inspection so that Joburg Water can be guided on where the leak is.”

As the delay in resolving this sewage leak continues, residents in both Randpark Ridge and Boskruin remain hopeful for a swift and effective solution to this pressing environmental issue.

Source: Randpark Ridge sewage leak unattended by Joburg Water for 3 weeks


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