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Potchefstroom’s Fitness Model Wiehann Greyling Shines as Mister Global SA 2023 Runner-Up



Wiehann Greyling makes impact at Mr Global SA 2023

Wiehann Greyling, a dedicated fitness model from Potchefstroom, has achieved significant recognition as he clinched the first runner-up title at the Mister Global SA 2023 finals. The prestigious event unfolded in Pretoria on Saturday, September 16, showcased Greyling’s commitment to his craft and meticulous preparation.

One of the standout achievements for Greyling was being bestowed with the coveted title of Mr Physique 2023 at the competition. His unwavering focus on conditioning and physical appearance, particularly for the swimwear section of the event, was a key factor in securing this title. Greyling highlighted his dedication: “I focused hard on my conditioning and my physical appearance for the competition’s swimwear section, making sure my beard and hair are in shape.”

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Achieving such remarkable results required a collaborative effort. Greyling worked closely with Bianca Botes and his conditioning coach, Niel van Dyk, to ensure he was in peak physical condition for the competition. Before the event, Greyling expressed his goal of securing a top-three spot. With his impressive performance, he met and exceeded this goal, claiming the first runner-up position.

Reflecting on his achievement, Greyling expressed his gratitude, stating, “This is amazing exposure to be able to achieve these results at a national level. I have also now been able to get contracts for international fitness modeling work through this competition. Doors are opening up.”


Wiehann Greyling’s success highlights his dedication to his fitness journey and is a source of pride for Potchefstroom and the local fitness community. Greyling’s future in the fitness modelling world looks promising and exciting as he continues to dream bigger and explore international opportunities.

Source: Fitness model makes waves at Mister Global SA 2023

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Picture: Instagram / wiehanngreyling


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