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City Power Initiates Rollout of New Smart Meters in Johannesburg



City Power technicians pictured working on smart meters.

City Power, the utility provider in Johannesburg, has initiated a comprehensive undertaking involving the deployment of advanced smart meters throughout the city. This concerted effort signifies a notable shift in the technological landscape, with the primary objective of enhancing the efficiency and accuracy of metering systems as reported by the SABC News.

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Noteworthy in this endeavour is replacing and resetting prepaid customer meters, a transition that City Power is committed to executing without imposing any financial burden on the customers themselves. The change is particularly significant given that the existing technology-based meters are poised to cease the dispensing of electricity from November of the ensuing year, underscoring the urgency and strategic importance of this initiative.

As this multifaceted process unfolds, City Power extends an appeal to the residents of Johannesburg, urging their cooperation in allowing the utility’s officials access to their properties. This outreach is vital, ensuring the seamless and timely installation of the new smart meters. This collaborative effort serves as a foundation for the overarching success of the project.

Isaac Mangena, the spokesperson for City Power, provides an insightful perspective on the profound impact of these smart meters. He elucidates, “Through the integration of these advanced devices, City Power will acquire the capability to perform load limiting in real-time, a crucial facet especially when Eskom, the national power utility, demands specific megawatts or consumption levels surge to critical thresholds. Consequently, this program holds the capacity to substantially fortify our ability to monitor consumption patterns, which in turn plays an instrumental role as we combat the persistent challenge of load shedding.”


The program’s focus on unmetered customers, particularly those in non-affluent areas, is of particular significance. Introducing these smart meters to these population segments promises a comprehensive solution, enabling City Power to track and manage consumption amid the ongoing load-shedding predicament effectively.

In summation, City Power’s endeavour to implement smart meters in Johannesburg encapsulates a multifaceted strategy to enhance the efficiency of metering systems. This initiative, guided by a strong commitment to customer convenience and operational excellence, promises more effective energy management, particularly facing challenges like load shedding. The collaborative spirit between City Power and the city’s residents is pivotal, ensuring the smooth realisation of this transformative undertaking.

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Photo: Facebook / @SABC News

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