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SCOPA Revisits RAF’s Joburg and Centurion Offices After June Visit



Chairperson of Parliament's Standing Committee on Public Accounts (Scopa), Mkhuleko Hlengwa.

In a development underscoring mounting concerns, Parliament’s Standing Committee on Public Accounts (Scopa) is slated to revisit two crucial offices of the beleaguered Road Accident Fund (RAF) in Johannesburg and Centurion. This impending visit follows an unanticipated inspection carried out in June as reported by Eyewitness News. This visit was branded by Members of Parliament (MPs) as an abysmal display akin to a “shambolic” scenario and likened to a “car wreck.”

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The Road Accident Fund finds itself entrenched in technical insolvency, grappling with severe financial limitations that have hindered its ability to fulfil rightful claimants’ compensation needs. A grim testament to its economic plight, the fund faces the attachment of its office furniture as a recurring outcome of default judgments due to its failure to settle legitimate claims.

Recalling the June incident, the fund’s board and executive manoeuvred to circumvent Scopa’s scheduled oversight visit to its Centurion establishment, which reflected the extent of the issues plaguing the institution. Furthermore, security personnel were reportedly deployed to obstruct employees from communicating with the committee about their working circumstances, casting a veil of opacity over the fund’s internal operations.

The backdrop of Scopa’s previous engagement with the fund unveils an endeavour to dissect a dispute that had arisen between the fund and the Auditor-General concerning the outcomes of the organisation’s audit. Notably, the Auditor-General’s position diverged from the fund’s course of action, as the latter sought to alter its accounting policy in a bid to avoid the grim prospect of bankruptcy.


During the prior visit conducted by Scopa, disheartening discoveries painted a stark portrait of the fund’s operational state. The committee members encountered corridors strewn with boxes housing unresolved claims, reflecting administrative disarray and emphasising the lingering plight of those awaiting compensation. Adding to the disturbing tableau, employees were bereft of even the most basic of amenities, such as chairs, to facilitate their work.

In light of the discontent stemming from the previous encounter, Scopa now asserts that the purpose of Wednesday’s upcoming visit is firmly centered on holding the fund’s leadership accountable for the prevailing circumstances. This renewed oversight action is a tangible response to the unsatisfactory conditions previously witnessed, underscoring the parliament’s commitment to address the systemic challenges and bring about meaningful reform.

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Photo: Facebook / @Eyewitness News

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