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JMPD Investigates Closure of Austin Road Amid Denial of Responsibility by JRA



The JMPD will investigate the closure of Austin Road

The JMPD will investigate the closure of Austin Road. The Johannesburg Metro Police Department spokesperson Xolani Fihla stated that the department was unaware of the closed portion of Austin Road in Glen Austin. It was blocked off with concrete and steel bollards. It remains a mystery who closed the nearly 2km stretch of road. The JMPD has initiated a probe into the matter.

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As the Midrand Reporter reported in a previous article, the Johannesburg Road Agency (JRA) denied any responsibility for the road closure in 1996. JMPD officers, upon inspection, have found that the road has been closed for a significant period. A Glen Austin resident has raised suspicions against the JRA, claiming that the agency closed the road in the mid-1990s and questioned who would have had the resources to install the bollards.

However, the JRA spokesperson, Bertha Peters-Scheepers, refutes the allegations, asserting that the agency is not accountable for the road’s closure. As the investigation continues, motorists cannot access George from Austin Road due to the presence of concrete and steel barriers.

Source: JMPD to probe the closure of Austin Road as JRA deny that they are responsible


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