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City Power Urges Vigilance Against Cable Theft



Cable Theft -City Power Urges Vigilance Against Cable Theft | Stop Cable Theft

City Power, the municipal electricity distribution entity, has expressed deep concern regarding the increasing incidents of cable theft and vandalism plaguing areas such as Randburg, Roodepoort, the Inner City, and Lenasia. Recent cable theft cases resulted in power outages in Randburg and Pimville Zone 9, where a distressing discovery was made – two unidentified bodies were found at the scene as reported by Joburg Newsroom. It is suspected that one of these bodies belonged to a thief who was electrocuted while attempting to cut a live cable in a trench in Soweto.

Isaac Mangena, the City Power spokesperson, highlighted the profound impact of such crimes on the mental health of the entity’s workforce, who face pressure due to high electricity demand and frequent trips caused by overload and illegal connections.

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Mangena pointed out that the consequences of cable theft and vandalism extend beyond mere power outages. These crimes disrupt essential services, affecting access to water, healthcare facilities, economic activities, traffic lights, and small businesses. The surge in vandalism further strains the system, contributing to frequent trips after load shedding.

“While City Power deeply regrets the loss of life, we want to underscore the dangers associated with tampering with our infrastructure,” emphasized Mangena.


The statistics speak to the severity of the issue. In July alone, City Power recorded 114 incidents of theft and vandalism, leading to 15 arrests. Looking back at the previous fiscal year, 2,347 incidents resulted in 278 arrests. Mangena suspects the involvement of a potential cable theft syndicate employing sophisticated tools to target high-value cables and critical network infrastructure.

In response to the escalating problem, Mangena calls upon residential customers to remain vigilant and report any suspicious activities around electrical infrastructure. Collaboration among communities, law enforcement agencies, and City Power’s Security Risk Management Team is vital to combat these crimes and ensure safer communities.

These criminal activities are putting immense strain on the City Power network, particularly during the demanding winter season, coupled with the persisting incidents of cable theft, illegal connections, and overall infrastructure damage. The entity constantly spends significant amounts of money each year to replace stolen or damaged cables, which could otherwise be allocated to essential services such as maintenance work and repairs – a fact that Mangena laments.

To report any suspicious activity, residents are urged to utilise the City Power hotline at 0800 116 166, send a WhatsApp message to 083 579 4497, or contact the police at 10111. City Power hopes that these crimes can be effectively combated through collective efforts and cooperation, leading to more secure and resilient communities.

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