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Possible Causes Identified by City of Joburg for Johannesburg Explosion



three possible causes for the Joburg gas explosion

Engineers revealed there are three possible causes for the Joburg gas explosion. The City of Johannesburg is conducting a thorough investigation into the blast near Bree Taxi Rank, causing extensive damage to the city’s roads, injuring over 40 people, and tragically claiming one life, as reported by Swisherpost.

Engineers have identified three possible causes behind the devastating incident and are diligently working to determine the most likely explanation.

During a recent media briefing, City manager Floyd Brink shed light on the three potential causes that engineers are examining.

One possibility is the entry of sewerage into the underground stormwater systems, leading to the ignition of methane gas. Such a combination could have created the conditions for a powerful explosion.

The second theory revolves around the possibility of natural gas mixing with oxygen in underground service ducts. This mixture could have resulted in a buildup of explosive gas levels, leading to the blast.


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The third potential cause is a gas pipe burst. A rupture in the gas pipeline could have allowed gas to accumulate and eventually reach explosion concentration levels.

City manager Floyd Brink highlighted that, at this stage, one of the potential causes stands out as more likely than the others. Engineers are honing in on accidental leakages of natural gas into the service ducts, with the gas concentration reaching explosive levels of between 5% to 15%.

“At this stage only one of the above potential causes appears to be warranted, accidental leakages of natural into the service duct reaching explosion concentration levels of between 5% to 15%, and was ignited by a source unknown at this stage. The source of gas in the service duct is unknown. Investigations in this regard will continue to try to locate the source over the next few days,” Brink explained.

However, the exact gas source in the service duct remains unknown. The City of Johannesburg and the engineering team are determined to find the cause to prevent similar incidents.


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