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Tshwane Takes Action: Relocation for Mamelodi Flood Victims Completed



Mamelodi flood victims

Tshwane has fulfilled its commitment made years ago to relocate the Mamelodi flood victims to a safer area, bringing relief to the affected community. MMC for Human Settlements, Ofentse Madzebatela, announced that the relocation to Leeuwfontein ext. 27 is taking place, addressing a long-standing concern for the city. Madzebatela emphasised the city’s dedication to delivering on promises and expressed pride in returning community halls to residents for recreational use. The Metro will move the victims to where they can start rebuilding their homes away from flood-prone areas, ensuring their safety.

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Josephina Masemola, a Seven Seven informal settlement resident, shared her excitement about moving to a safer place after years of residing in a hazardous area since 2018. The fear and hopelessness following the floods in 2019 left many residents anxious, with authorities taking considerable time to initiate the relocation. Daphney Aphane, one of the flood victims who lost her home last year, expressed happiness about moving to a secure place where she can reunite with her children. The fear of potential floods has haunted residents, leading to evacuations at the slightest hint of rain.

While residents welcome the relocation, concerns about future land invasions in flood-prone areas persist. Daphney Aphane stressed the need for collaboration between informal settlement leaders and the Metro to prevent unauthorised land occupations. Security measures, such as fencing and posting guards day and night, were suggested to deter further shacks from being built in flood-prone zones. The commencement of relocation in areas like Phomolong, Seven Seven, and Phase 1 informal settlements brings hope to residents who can finally utilise their community halls again for various activities.

Source: Tshwane finally relocates Mams flood victims


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