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Uninterrupted Waste Removal Services to Extend Through the Festive Season



Waste removal

Waste removal services in the City of Ekurhuleni will remain fully operational throughout the festive season, except Christmas Day. A section scheduled for service on Christmas Monday will be serviced on the following day, December 26. Regular services will continue on all other days, including New Year’s Day, ensuring uninterrupted cleanliness for residents. However, the city stresses that it is against council policy to give Christmas boxes or tips to waste removal officials for their services during the festive season.

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City spokesperson Zweli Dlamini cautioned against this practice, citing instances where residents faced abuse or service delivery disruptions if they declined to provide gifts. Dlamini clarified that waste collectors are discouraged from soliciting festive gifts while on duty, as they already receive compensation for their work. The city urges residents to refrain from engaging in this tradition to maintain a focus on efficient waste removal services. In case of waste removal interruptions, the public is encouraged to report incidents to the city’s call centre at 0860 54 3000.

Source: Waste removal to continue throughout the festive season

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