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Double fire tragedy strikes Alexandra!



two separate fire incidents occurred in Alexandra

Last night, two separate fire incidents occurred in Alexandra, a neighbourhood north of Johannesburg, destroying sixteen shacks. SABC News reports that there were no records of fatalities in the two fires. However, while there were no casualties, one woman suffered from smoke inhalation and needed medical assistance. The emergency services had to transport her to the hospital for treatment.

Johannesburg Emergency Services spokesperson Robert Mulaudzi has reported that they are investigating the fires’ cause. One fire occurred in the far east bank, while somebody said the other was along 16th Avenue. The spokesperson mentioned that emergency personnel responded to about 10 and six shacks in each incident. Mulaudzi stated that one fire was reported in the far east bank, while someone reported the other along 16th Avenue. Approximately ten and six shacks were affected in each incident, respectively. The female who suffered from smoke inhalation was transported to a healthcare facility by provincial healthcare services.

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Picture:  Issy Bailey on Unsplash

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