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Fear of Job Loss Looms for Mashatile’s Protectors If Bail Application Denied in N1 Assault Case



VIP protection officers fear losing their jobs if bail is denied

The eight South African Police Service (SAPS) VIP Protection Unit members, caught on video assaulting individuals on the N1 highway while transporting Deputy President Paul Mashatile, are concerned about the potential loss of income due to their suspension. According to EWN, Masahatile’s VIP protection officers fear losing their jobs if bail is denied. The accused appeared at the Randburg Magistrates Court, facing charges of assault, malicious property damage, and pointing of a firearm.

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They have been suspended from their jobs and undergo internal disciplinary proceedings, jeopardising their chance to prepare for their defence if they are detained adequately. The prosecution and defence teams will present the final bail application arguments on Thursday morning.

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