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Winnie Mandela Area Sees Police Action Against Rising House Robberies



Winnie Mandela Area Sees Police Action Against Rising House Robberies

The surge in house robberies in Winnie Mandela has triggered heightened concern among residents, leading SAPS Vispol commander Colonel Percy Selematsela to take action. Collaborating with sector managers from all seven sectors of Thembisa, the police have conducted multiple community engagements and increased patrols in Winnie Mandela to curb criminal activity during vulnerable periods. Unfortunately, this intensified presence has caused criminals to shift their activities to other parts of Thembisa, emphasising the need for ongoing vigilance and cooperation between law enforcement and the community.

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Captain Nelda Sekgobela, Ekurhuleni district communications officer, acknowledged the challenges but emphasised the ongoing fight against house robberies. She stressed the importance of individual and collective responsibility in maintaining personal safety and security, encouraging residents to report suspicious activities and collaborate with law enforcement agencies.

These community engagements and increased patrols are part of a broader strategy to combat crime throughout Ekurhuleni, with the ultimate goal of restoring peace and security to affected areas and providing residents with a sense of relief. Selematsela and his team are dedicated to working closely with community leaders, residents, and stakeholders to develop effective strategies, deter criminals, and ensure the swift apprehension and prosecution of those responsible for these bold acts. Active community participation remains essential as they continue the fight against house robberies.

Source: Police take steps against increased house robberies in Winnie Mandela


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