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Airlink Tribunal Resumes Proceedings Today



Airlink Tribunal Resumes Proceedings Today

Today marks the continuation of hearings regarding allegations of excessive and predatory pricing against Airlink. The investigation by the Competition Commission centres on three complaints lodged against the airline, primarily focusing on its conduct in the Johannesburg-Mthatha route as reported by ENCA.

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Airlink has been accused of exploiting its dominant position on this route. In 2017, the airline significantly reduced its prices, which led to the departure of its sole competitor, Fly Blue Crane. However, following the exit of its rival, Airlink subsequently increased its prices.

The consequences of this pricing strategy have been substantial, as Fly Blue Crane has since entered business rescue, causing significant disruptions to its flight operations. These ongoing hearings aim to address these allegations and ensure a fair and competitive environment in the airline industry.

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