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Wits University’s 2023 Hackathon



Wits University's 2023 Hackathon

In a dynamic convergence of innovation and purpose, the Adapt IT Social Good Hackathon unfurled its triumph from July 29 to 30, culminating in a resounding chorus of success. Orchestrated in seamless partnership with Wits University, Adapt IT Telecoms, and the education divisions, this social coding spectacle provided an inspiring platform for a diverse cohort of 102 students. Ranging from first-year aspirants to those adorned with honours, these students rallied to showcase their technological prowess and creative ingenuity.

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The hallmarks of this event extended beyond the mere realm of coding, transcending into a realm of collaboration and transformation. Facilitated by teams of three, each guided by the discerning mentorship of Dr Pravesh Ranchod from Wits School of Computer Science and Applied Mathematics, the students embarked on a mission with profound ramifications. Their task: to confront a challenge that bore the promise of uplifting the socioeconomic fabric of a community. What transpired was an orchestration of dedication and camaraderie, a symphony in which passionate minds passionately devised applications that held the promise of addressing the aforementioned challenge.

As the sun set on the weekend, a crescendo of anticipation hung in the air. Two hours of ardent deliberation on the ensuing Sunday witnessed the judging panel grappling with a formidable dilemma – a testament to the exceptional concepts presented by every participating team. The hackathon was not merely a gathering of minds but an incubator of creative liberation, a realm that catalysed an outpouring of unrestrained innovation.

Yet, the climax of this event lay not in the recognition of winners alone. The true hallmark lay in the event’s transformative capacity, exemplified by the revelation of the victorious teams. Their triumph did not merely entail accolades; it entailed an opportunity to voyage further into the realms of development. Armed with support, these victors would unravel the threads of their projects, weaving them into fully functional solutions that would embody their inventive brilliance.


In the resonant words of Ndamu Gumane, the strategic key account manager, the imperative to be an industry leader is tethered to the unceasing pursuit of a competitive edge. This edge not only attracts and retains top-tier talent but also nurtures a culture of unrelenting innovation. In this context, the hackathon emerges as an exquisite tool to unlock latent potential and harness nascent talents that find a nurturing home alongside esteemed institutions such as Wits University. It is a crucible where curiosity is kindled, and moral qualities essential for leadership in the modern age are cultivated. A testament to Adapt IT’s ethos of societal enrichment through technological avenues.

However, the impact of the Adapt IT Social Good Hackathon reverberates beyond accolades and rewards. It transcends the realms of recognition and delves into a deeper realm of transformative force. A catalyst for both social consciousness and innovation, this event extends far beyond its temporal boundaries. It not only empowers students to exhibit their skills and vie for coveted positions in the Adapt IT graduate program but also underscores a profound imperative – the intrinsic potential of technology as an instrument for the greater good.

The Adapt IT Social Good Hackathon stands as a monument to collaboration, innovation, and purpose. It engraves the unison of youthful brilliance and technological understanding in the annals of progress, fostering a realm where code is not just an arrangement of characters but a narrative of change.

Source: Wits hosts 2023 hackathon

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