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Surging Ahead: Sandton Central’s Traffic Signal Backup-Power Initiative



Surging Ahead Sandton Central's Traffic Signal Backup Power Initiative

In the realm of metropolitan advancement, the Johannesburg Roads Agency (JRA) and the Sandton Central Management District (SCMD) have carved an indelible path with their groundbreaking endeavour, one that stands as a beacon of resilience in the face of the recurring challenge of load-shedding. Their visionary initiative, marked by the synchronisation of traffic signals to autonomous power systems, has surged forward, culminating in a seamless operational landscape that defies the disruptive grip of power outages.

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At the heart of this progressive movement lies the Traffic Signal Backup Power Initiative, a forward-looking project that is attaining heightened momentum with each passing stride. Notably, esteemed names in the corporate realm, such as Sasol, Growthpoint Properties, and Nedbank, have embraced this initiative with open arms, magnifying its influence within the bustling Sandton precinct.

Elaine Jack, the district improvement manager of SCMD, serves as a guiding voice, affirming that what commenced as a tentative venture with two intersections adopted by Investec in May has now bloomed into a fully-fledged innovative solution. The latest expansion enlists intersections at strategic junctures: Rivonia Road and Fredman Drive (Nedbank), Grayston Drive and Fifth Street (Growthpoint), as well as Katherine Street and Pybus Road (Sasol). Notably, Sasol is poised to broaden its reach, extending its support to encompass the Albertyn and Weirda Road East intersection.

A symphony of progress emerges from the harmonious collaboration of prominent corporations. The surge in support stems from the tangible influence of the initiative on the ebb and flow of traffic, as well as the harmonisation of the district’s business ecosystem. A testament to its resounding resonance within the community, six corporate adoptions await connection and testing in the imminent weeks. Elaine Jack eloquently captures this evolution, stating, “The increased support for the initiative stems from the project’s positive impact on traffic flow and the overall business district environment. An additional six corporate adoptions are currently in line to be connected and tested in the coming weeks, a testament to the traction the initiative has garnered in the community.”


Progress begets momentum, and the Traffic Signal Backup Power Initiative stands as an embodiment of such momentum. It fosters an unyielding drive towards perpetuating a Sandton that thrives despite the adversity of load-shedding. Leading businesses unitedly tread this path with a shared commitment to surmounting the common challenge that shadows the district.

Elucidating the transformative impact of this collective endeavour is a remarkable testament to the project’s efficacy. A metamorphosis is evident as traffic flow achieves newfound fluidity, engendering a safer and more vibrant business district. This metamorphosis speaks volumes of what can be achieved when meaningful collaboration takes centre stage. It transcends the confines of merely sustaining illumination; it signifies the relentless propulsion of Sandton towards an uncharted future.

Within this narrative of collaboration, the corporate voices resonate with unity and purpose. Grace Nndwammbi, the Senior Vice-President of Sasol Business Services, underscores the profound pride that accompanies their role in the Sandton Central Management District (SCMD) and Johannesburg Roads Agency (JRA) initiative. This partnership stimulates growth and propels sustainable value creation within Sasol.

Paul Kollenberg, entrusted with the mantle of overseeing asset management offices for Growthpoint, elucidates the underlying essence that propels Growthpoint’s involvement. With the return of tenants to Sandton, a vital equilibrium is sought—traffic must flow even amidst the recurrent spectre of load-shedding. Thus, Growthpoint embraces this initiative, contributing to unburden access to businesses and amenities within the region.

Howard Rauff, the Head of Corporate Real Estate at Nedbank, echoes the bank’s unwavering commitment to confronting the energy crisis head-on. Engaging, exchanging ideas, and forging collaborative partnerships constitute their arsenal to mitigate the energy crisis’s repercussions on the economy, businesses, and the broader society.


At its core, this initiative embodies the synergy of collective determination, striving to unravel the intricacies of maintaining secure and efficient traffic movement for Sandton’s motorists amid the challenges of load-shedding. It is a testament to the unbreakable spirit that unites visionaries in the shared pursuit of an uninterrupted urban rhythm.

Source: Sandton Central’s traffic signal backup-power initiative surges ahead

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Photo: Supplied by Sandton Chronicle

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