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Major Joburg Police Raid Nets Illicit Goods Worth Over R2M



Major Joburg Police Raid Nets Illicit Goods Worth Over R2M

Over the weekend, a substantial police operation unfolded within Johannesburg’s CBD, confiscating goods amounting to R2.4 million.

Gauteng police spokesperson Colonel Dimakatso Nevhuhulwi outlined that the core focus of Operation Shanela was targeting illicit and counterfeit goods as well as their distributors, abandoned or confiscated structures, and non-compliant operators of liquor stores as reported by News 24.

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Police Minister Bheki Cele, provincial police Commissioner Lieutenant General Elias Mawela, and national SA Police Service Commissioner Fannie Masemola headed this operation.

Nevhuhulwi explained, “The operation involved raids on several buildings, inspections of liquor outlets to ensure adherence to regulations, and apprehensions for offenses such as drug trafficking and the illicit trade of counterfeit goods. Furthermore, the operation addressed issues like illegal gambling, contravention of the Medical Act, unlicensed liquor dealing, and the presence of undocumented individuals.”


This concerted effort was a collaborative initiative involving the Johannesburg Metropolitan Police Department, the Gauteng Department of Roads and Traffic, the SA Revenue Service, and the Departments of home affairs and Labour.

Counterfeit items exceeding R1 million were impounded, while unregistered and illicit medication—evaluated at around R1.4 million—was effectively removed from the streets.

Local residents who observed these interventions noted that the police presence was significant as they proceeded to evacuate individuals from the Fordsburg area.

According to these witnesses, the police explained that the operation was necessitated by the presence of “illegal activities” in the locality.

However, one resident named Nosipho, in a conversation with News24, mentioned that the police did not elucidate the reasons behind the search of their apartment block.


“They arrived in a substantial group and barged into our homes searching for items. Several individuals were taken into custody on Saturday, yet they were subsequently released later that afternoon,” Nosipho recounted.

She recounted an incident on the previous Friday when a man was observed photographing their residences.

Upon questioning, the individual claimed affiliation with the police. This was followed by a flurry of government and police personnel arriving in the area the next day, meticulously searching each room within the homes.

Nosipho further explained, “Even if the homes were unoccupied, the police entered and scoured the premises. They caused damage to rooms in their pursuit of potentially unlawful items.”

Another resident, Andisiwe Chogi, described feeling fearful upon witnessing the police presence.


Chogi expressed concern about the treatment of residents by the police, narrating, “They forcefully escorted individuals down the stairs, treating them harshly and placing them into police vehicles, almost as if they were animals. It was distressing to witness the authorities treat residents in such a manner. This behavior is unjust. Moreover, they neglected to present any search warrants. It is unacceptable for them to intrude into our homes and damage our hard-earned belongings.”

The police have asserted their intention to continue conducting such operations across Gauteng.

Nevhuhulwi affirmed, “Our objective is to maintain an evident police presence throughout the province.”

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