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Zambia Airways Soars to New Heights With Exciting Flights to Johannesburg



Zambia Airways, a joint venture between Ethiopian Airlines and the Government of Zambia, has announced its plans to expand its operations and offer scheduled flights to Johannesburg, South Africa. The airline, which currently operates domestic flights within Zambia, aims to enhance accessibility for tourists and business travellers and establish Zambia as a business, tourism, and transit hub in the region as reported by SA People News.

Johannesburg Flights:
Starting from June 1st, Zambia Airways will operate scheduled flights between Lusaka and Johannesburg using a Boeing 737-700 aircraft. Initially, the airline will offer five weekly flights on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. From July onwards, the route will be serviced daily, providing increased flexibility and convenience for passengers.

Gateway to Zambia:
Zambia, a landlocked country known for its abundant mineral resources, including copper, offers more than just its thriving mining sector. With impressive wildlife reserves and renowned hospitality establishments, Zambia has become a destination of choice for nature enthusiasts and adventure seekers. In addition, the country’s close proximity to the magnificent Victoria Falls, shared with Zimbabwe, adds to its allure as a tourist hotspot.

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Economic Opportunities:
Zambia’s stable political climate and favourable business environment have attracted investments and fostered economic growth. The country’s significant copper production and ease of doing business have created substantial commercial opportunities. In addition, South African farmers and commercial farmers from neighbouring Zimbabwe have recognised Zambia’s potential, leading to an influx of agricultural ventures.


Positive Outlook:
Maryvonne Palanduz, Regional Managing Director of AirlinePros Southern Africa, believes that Zambia has tremendous potential for growth. With its natural wonders, including the iconic Victoria Falls, and a network of 20 national parks and 34 game management areas, the country offers a unique blend of tourism and business opportunities.

As Zambia Airways expands its operations and connects Zambia with key destinations, it aims to contribute to the country’s economic development and position itself as a prominent player in the regional aviation industry.

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Photo: Twitter / @Zambia Airways

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