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Deputy President Paul Mashatile Assures Load Shedding Crisis Resolution



Paul Mashatile - Load shedding

Deputy President Paul Mashatile has reassured the South African public that the government is fully committed to resolving the issue of load shedding.

Mashatile’s statement came in response to the power utility’s warning that the upcoming winter could bring the toughest challenges yet, with power cuts potentially escalating to Stage 8 as reported by Eyewitness News. Eskom also stated that the shortfall in generation capacity could persist until August.

During an oversight visit to an agricultural institution in KwaZulu-Natal on Thursday, Mashatile addressed the impact of power cuts on various agricultural projects, particularly on businesses such as chicken farming.

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Despite previous government announcements and the appointment of a new Minister for Electricity earlier in 2023, the continuous occurrence of power cuts has left many South Africans disillusioned.


Nevertheless, Mashatile emphasised that the government is actively working to address the issue.

“In addition to appointing the Minister of Electricity, the government is determined to ensure a stable power supply. We have announced our plans to procure emergency power,” stated Mashatile.

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Photo: Twitter / @Paul Mashatile

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