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Metro implements zero tolerance policy against land invasion in Kameeldrift



Zero tolerance against land invasion in Kameeldrift

Zero tolerance against land invasion in Kameeldrift was demonstrated as the Tshwane metro police land invasion unit recently apprehended four individuals during an anti-land invasion operation. The metro responded to reports of plots marked and sold on suspected municipality-owned land. Metro officials verified the information, confirming the invaded land’s ownership and prompting the land invasion unit to take action. Several illegal structures were demolished and removed during the operation, with the team confiscating three complete structures and numerous poles for constructing additional illegal structures. The unit discovered that the arrested individuals were impersonating metro officials and fraudulently selling stands. Tshwane mayor Cilliers Brink warned against engaging in illegal land transactions and stressed the importance of following lawful and legal processes.

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However, a resident in a squatter camp in plot 175 expressed a different perspective, blaming the metro for the rapid growth of land invasion in Kameeldrift. Petrus Ntlhomeng highlighted the metro’s unfulfilled promises to relocate people over the past 25 years, leading frustrated residents to take matters into their own hands and occupy the land. Ntlhomeng noted that the growing population in the squatter camps, particularly among young adults seeking independence, has contributed to occupying available land and constructing makeshift shelters. He criticised political parties for unfulfilled promises to establish new townships, leaving people with limited options. Some residents have resorted to living in community halls without means to relocate, leading them to request land from the metro to create settlements.

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The land invasions and illegal structures have raised concerns among other residents in Kameeldrift. Mitchel de Berg expressed worry about the risk of fires spreading rapidly through the shacks and the negative environmental impact of burning plastic and littering. She also highlighted the potential decline in property values if illegal immigration and land grabs persist. Ofentse Madzebatela, human settlements MMC, emphasised the negative consequences of land invasions on Kameeldrift’s formalisation efforts and future development. He noted that the illegal occupiers often require services that strain the metro’s resources and hinder the provision of services to law-abiding citizens. Limited funds, infrastructure capacity, and land scarcity make it challenging for the metro to provide essential services or formalise all informal settlements.


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To address the situation, Madzebatela highlighted that preventing land invasion is crucial for the metro to plan, control, and regulate development. The metro has appointed a services provider to establish townships to facilitate the relocation of dwellers. Feasibility studies have been completed, and a township establishment application was submitted in November 2020. The metro is negotiating with landowners around Kameeldrift 298-JR to acquire land for human settlement purposes. The allocation of stands in the new financial year is planned based on the final draft layout and positive feedback.

As the Tshwane metro continues its efforts to combat land invasion and establish sustainable human settlements, it remains vital for the community to work together, adhere to legal processes, and engage constructively with the authorities to address the housing challenges in Kameeldrift.

Source: Zero tolerance against land invasion in Kameeldrift, says the metro

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