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Latest Updates on Reports of Another Earthquake in Johannesburg



another Johannesburg earthquake

Unverified reports of the ground shaking, possibly due to another Johannesburg earthquake, surfaced on Thursday, 29 June 2023, at approximately 03:15 CAT.

Swisher Post reports that the recent seismic activity has sparked concerns among residents seeking more information about the potential earthquake. Details regarding the magnitude and depth of this event are yet to be confirmed, according to seismic activity trackers Volcano Discovery.

More accurate details will soon emerge as experts analyse the data and await further information from national and international seismological agencies. The provided location, magnitude, and time are incomplete and will change as more precise scientific data becomes available. However, the first indications suggest that the epicentre may be south of Johannesburg, near Southgate Mall.

Residents must prioritise their safety while we await updates on this developing situation. Stay tuned for verified information and follow any guidelines or instructions issued by local authorities.

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This recent seismic event occurred more than two weeks after Johannesburg experienced a powerful earthquake measuring 5.0 on the magnitude scale. The previous quake, which happened in the early hours of Sunday, 11 June 2023, caused significant alarm among residents as buildings and homes trembled throughout the city.

Initial reports of the previous earthquake came from Gauteng Weather’s Twitter account, a regional weather service. Their assessment indicated that the epicentre was near Alberton or Boksburg on the East Rand, with an estimated magnitude of approximately 4.5. However, alternative calculations say the earthquake could have reached a magnitude 5.0.

The information provided will change as more verified details become available. Stay informed and prioritise your safety during this time of uncertainty.

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Picture:  Pixabay / Steward Masweneng

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