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Upgrading of Ablution Facilities Planned for James and Ethel Gray Park



James and Ethel Gray Park ablution facilities to be upgraded

A generous park user’s donation will pave the way for James and Ethel Gray Park’s ablution facilities to be upgraded. Sunil Geness, the chairman of the James and Ethel Gray Park Foundation (JEGPF), expressed gratitude and explained that the donor, who maintains regular engagement with the foundation, recognised the importance of providing clean, comfortable, and accessible amenities within the park.

“Their substantial contribution has allowed us to plan for an exciting renovation project that will revolutionise the park’s ablution facility, ensuring it aligns with the needs and expectations of our community and conforms to world-class standards,” said Geness.

The upcoming enhancements to the park’s ablution facility will include expanded capacity to accommodate the growing number of visitors, eliminating long waiting times during busy periods. Additionally, the upgraded facility will prioritise accessibility, featuring wheelchair-accessible stalls, grab bars, and improved signage to facilitate ease of use for all individuals.

Hygiene will be prioritised by including touchless fixtures, automatic flushing systems, and sensor-operated faucets, minimising contact and ensuring a clean and sanitary environment. The new design will also have a modern aesthetic that complements the park’s natural surroundings. This inclusion will be done with sustainable materials and energy-efficient solutions to align with the JEGPF’s commitment to environmental stewardship.

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Construction will commence in the second half of 2023. Completion will be later this year. During the construction period, the JEGPF apologises for any inconvenience caused and kindly requests the community’s patience and understanding.

Geness extended deep gratitude to the donor whose generosity made this transformative upgrade possible, stressing their commitment to the well-being and enjoyment of the park as a shining example of community spirit and civic responsibility.

The JEGPF also expressed appreciation to Johannesburg City Parks and Zoo and all those involved in the planning and execution of the project. Their dedication and expertise will ensure the successful realisation of the upgraded ablution facility.

Looking ahead, the JEGPF eagerly anticipates unveiling the improved park ablution facility and inviting everyone to experience the enhanced amenities it will offer. Regular updates will be provided to the community regarding the upgrade’s progress, fostering transparency and excitement for the future of James and Ethel Gray Park.

Source: James and Ethel Gray Park ablution facilities to be upgraded


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