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British Airways Pilot Sent Back to UK Following Attack in Johannesburg



BA pilot was sent back to the UK after he was attacked

A BA pilot was sent back to the UK after he was attacked and allegedly stabbed at gunpoint while out jogging with a colleague outside Melrose Arch in Johannesburg. In a statement, the airline confirmed that it had sent both colleagues back home and that they had provided support to them, as per news24. The Gauteng police spokesperson stated that there is no report of a case.

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According to the Crew Room, the pilot was on a layover in Johannesburg when the incident occurred. Mail Online reported that the pair had broken British Airways’ strict rules by venturing on their run, which required staff to remain in a secure and approved compound. The compound in the Melrose Arch neighbourhood is one of the safest places in Johannesburg, and security guards continuously patrol it.

A BA source revealed that the captain and crew member decided to jog despite the rules. The attackers followed them and held them at gunpoint. They stabbed the captain in the leg during the ordeal. He was later admitted to the hospital. The incident has upset the BA community, leading to “polite reminders” about adhering to the rules.

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Picture: Unsplash / Nithin Shetty

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