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Resident Without Power for Over 30 Days Raises Concerns



30 days with no power

A Bloubosrand resident, Sanja Ninkovic, has endured 30 days with no power after City Power removed her meter box. According to Ninkovic, her meter was functioning generally until two individuals, claiming to be from the City of Johannesburg, visited her home, opened the box, and alleged that the meter had been tampered with, demanding a R2,500 bribe.

Despite Ninkovic’s refusal, she observed that the box ceased to operate as usual. She reported the issue three times to City Power after May 23, with her final report on May 29 emphasising that nobody had tampered with the meter before the two individuals arrived on May 23. However, four months later, on September 18, City Power disconnected her power supply and removed the meter box.

City Power spokesperson Isaac Mangena clarified that the disconnection was part of a broader revenue collection initiative across the City of Johannesburg. It aimed to convey a stern message to defaulting customers that the power utility would not tolerate non-payment. The disconnection occurred following an audit of the customer’s meter.

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The billing pattern indicated regular electricity consumption in May 2023. Despite Ninkovic’s reports, she now faces a penalty charge of R13,411.19 for a bridged meter, which she must pay in full before reconnection.


The disconnection has severely impacted Sanja Ninkovic’s life. She had to discard numerous perishable food items and has resorted to using a gas stove for cooking and heating water for bathing. She charges her electronic devices at her workplace.

Mangena encouraged customers to be vigilant and verify the legitimacy of City Power contractors by checking their identification cards. City Power contractors should possess valid cards with specific details, including their name, photo, and company affiliation. Customers uncertain about an installer’s legitimacy can contact City Power for verification.

Source: Resident spends more than 30 days with no power

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Picture: Supplied by Randburg Sun

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