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SAPS Discovers Expired Food Repackaging Warehouse in Johannesburg, Sparking Concern



repackaging expired food

A Joburg warehouse is under fire for repackaging expired food in Roodepoort, Johannesburg, raising severe concerns among South Africans. Briefly News reports that various products and brands, such as maise meal, flour, cooking oil, and other household items, were discovered in the warehouse.

The police discovered this alarming situation. Gauteng Police Commissioner Lieutenant-General Elias Mawela revealed that the police acted in response to community complaints about the subpar conditions in local spaza shops. Mawela explained, “With operation Shanela in Gauteng, we decided that moving forward we need to add an activity whereby we are going to do a compliance inspection. We have brought in environmental inspectors who understand the necessary housekeeping standards.” Health inspectors will close down the warehouse.

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South Africans expressed their deep concern following the revelation of this ‘factory’ operation. Many went online to share their sentiments on the matter. Some reactions included questions about the potential impact on public health, worries about the future, and suspicions about the source of these expired goods. Others criticised the government’s response and called for further investigation into the ownership and legality of the warehouse.

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