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Weather Update: Pretoria to Remain Snow-Free Throughout the Weekend




According to the South African Weather Service (SAWS) forecaster Vanish Phakodi, Tshwane residents and Gauteng can expect no cold front or snow during the upcoming weekend. In her forecast, she assured Pretoria would remain fairly chilled as the coastal weather conditions would not affect the area.

Phakodi elaborated that starting from Sunday and throughout Monday, there would be a temperature drop in Pretoria, but the rest of the week would see normal sunny days. The anticipated temperatures for Sunday are expected to range from 7ºC to 26ºC, while Monday morning could witness a minimum temperature of 2ºC rising to a maximum of 18ºC.

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This recent forecast comes in response to reports suggesting Gauteng might experience snowfall and cold fronts. However, as per Phakodi’s analysis, this will not be the case.

Meanwhile, a Level 1 yellow warning has been issued for Alexander Bay and Plettenberg Bay, warning of potential difficulty in navigation at sea for small vessels and personal watercraft.


Moving to other regions, the Free State is likely to experience partly cloudy, windy, and cool weather with isolated to scattered morning showers and thundershowers in the west. On the other hand, the neighbouring Northern Cape is expected to have morning fog patches in the southern and western areas. Otherwise, it will be partly cloudy and cold to cool, except in the northeastern parts, where it will remain fine, warm, and windy.

Residents can expect cloudy mornings in the Western Cape, with fog patches over the northern parts. The rest of the region will see partly cloudy and cool to cold conditions.

The wind patterns along the coast are anticipated to be moderate to fresh north-westerly, transitioning to light and moderate north-easterly along the south coast from late afternoon.

The SAWS forecast provides detailed information about the weather conditions across various regions, ensuring that residents are well-informed and prepared for the upcoming weekend and beyond.

Source: No snow is expected in Pretoria over the weekend


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