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South Africa to evacuate citizens stranded in Sudan conflict



The South African government has expressed its concern over the ongoing fighting in Sudan, which erupted last week due to a breakdown in negotiations between rival military factions. The violence has triggered a humanitarian crisis, and several foreign states are seeking evacuation as reported by the SABC News. Working in collaboration with other nations, South Africa, as a member of the African Union Peace and Security Council, is striving to establish peace and stability in Sudan. The country is urging the opposing factions to cease their armed conflict and resume negotiations.

The Department of International Relations has confirmed plans to evacuate 77 verified South Africans who are currently stuck in Sudan. However, as the Sudanese army and a paramilitary group continue fighting for control of the capital, foreign civilians find it difficult to leave the country.

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The head of public diplomacy at the Department of International Relations and Cooperation, Clayson Monyela, tweeted that he and embassy staff stranded in Khartoum are all part of a WhatsApp group. Monyela has admitted that the evacuation will be dangerous and risky.

The situation in Sudan remains volatile, with the warring army and RSF each accusing the other of attacking a French convoy. According to the RSF, an aircraft had attacked them during the evacuation, resulting in the injury of a French national. As a result, the convoy was forced to return to its original location. The first German air force plane carrying 101 people evacuated from Sudan arrived in Berlin on Monday, and the German military has flown out a total of 313 people from Sudan so far, according to a military source.


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