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Preventable crimes by Gerhard Ackerman



Gerhard Ackerman, a South African man, has been convicted of numerous sexual offences, including child sex trafficking, rape, exploitation of minors, attempted murder, and creation and distribution of child pornography. Ackerman and his partner, human rights lawyer Paul Kennedy, ran a child rape ring in Johannesburg, where teenage boys were sexually exploited and linked with adult men who paid for sexual acts as reported by Eyewitness News.

Before being charged with sex trafficking, Ackerman faced charges of sexual assault for allegedly forcing an 11-year-old boy to touch his private parts at a country club in 2018. Despite being arrested and released on bail, he went on to sexually exploit several teenage boys, leading to his recent conviction.

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Ackerman’s crimes have sparked outrage among the public, and the victim’s mother stated that the violation of many boys could have been prevented if authorities had taken action when she had Ackerman arrested five years ago. Ackerman is due to stand trial for further sexual assault charges in the Alexandra Magistrates Court and will return to the high court for pre-sentencing in the child rape ring trial in July.

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