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Gauteng Holds Emergency Meeting to Address Water Crisis



emergency water meeting in Gauteng

Taps in Tshwane continue to run dry, exacerbating the water crisis in the region. In response, the City is taking decisive action by escalating its Rand Water supply challenges to the national government. An emergency water meeting in Gauteng will address the pressing issues surrounding water services in the province. According to eNCA, the City is grappling with significant hurdles, as nine reservoirs present massive challenges to ensuring a steady water supply.

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Adding to the concern, recent tests conducted on the incoming Rand Water lines connected to the affected reservoirs have revealed zero pressure, compounding the situation’s urgency. The City has expressed frustration over the utility’s lack of accurate and updated information. This lack of information hampers its efforts to manage the crisis effectively.

Rand Water has mobilised water tankers to assist the affected areas as an interim measure. At the same time, the utility has urged residents to conserve water and use it sparingly during this critical time.

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Picture:  Pixabay / Henryk Niestrój

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