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Tshwane delivers 7-day water service to cholera-hit area




The Tshwane metro has responded to the urgent need for water in the cholera-hit area of Hammanskraal by increasing the water delivery service to seven days a week.

Themba Fosi, MMC for utilities and regional operations, confirmed implementing this extended water delivery schedule.

Previously, the water delivery was limited to three days a week, causing difficulties for residents who were unable to access water after returning from work.

The decision to expand the water delivery service was made in response to community concerns and demands.

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In addition, Tshwane metro police (TMPD) will monitor water tankers to ensure proper permits are in place and prevent unauthorised water sales to residents.

The municipality has warned against consuming water from unofficial sources and assured residents that the water provided by the metro’s tankers is safe for drinking.

The confirmation of a cholera outbreak in the region has prompted swift action from the authorities, with stool tests from locals confirming the outbreak.

Source: Tshwane now delivers water 7 days a week to cholera-hit area

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