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Shockwaves as broadcaster and journalist Eusebius McKaiser (45) passes away



Eusebius McKaiser

Eusebius McKaiser (45), a journalist, broadcaster, and intellectual force, passed away suddenly at his Johannesburg home on Tuesday, May 30. Although his journalistic legacy is undeniably complex, news readers and colleagues will remember McKaiser as someone who fearlessly held politicians accountable for their wrongdoing. According to the Daily Maverick, his manager, Jackie Strydom, confirmed the news and shared that McKaiser had likely suffered a seizure due to epilepsy.

McKaiser’s death sent shockwaves across South Africa, especially since he had been active on his social media platforms just hours before. In one of his last tweets, he shared a video performance of Musa Motha, a talented amputee dancer based in the UK, expressing his awe and admiration. The loss of McKaiser, who was a regular contributor to TimesLIVE, left a void in the media landscape.

Beyond his journalistic pursuits, McKaiser was a proud advocate for the LGBTI community, educating the public about gay rights and condemning crimes committed against homosexuals. As a political activist, he was driven to tackle social and political issues that impacted people’s lives, challenging biases and assumptions.

McKaiser’s dedication to fostering critical conversations was evident in his final podcast, “Is there a viable alternative to the ANC?” In it, he highlighted the link between corruption, state capture, and the ANC-led government’s failure to address the consequences, such as frequent blackouts.

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Throughout his career, McKaiser held esteemed positions and contributed to renowned media outlets in South Africa and internationally. However, his true passion lay in debating, where his intelligence and ability to spark intense emotions made him a figure who left a lasting impact.

Friends and colleagues remember McKaiser as an individual who was not afraid to express his intellect, challenge perspectives, and raise important ethical issues.

As the nation mourns the loss of Eusebius McKaiser, tributes pour in from various individuals and organizations across the political spectrum.

McKaiser’s career will undoubtedly be under the spotlight, and opinions about him will vary. However, his unwavering self-assurance and belief in his worth have been acknowledged by those who knew him closely. He leaves behind his life partner Nduduzo Nyanda and many family members and friends who will cherish his memory.

The South African National Editors’ Forum (Sanef) expressed deep sadness over McKaiser’s passing, recognizing his immense intellectual contribution and ability to challenge conventional thinking. McKaiser’s absence leaves a void in the media landscape, and his courage to express unpopular views and foster open debates will be sorely missed.


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