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DJ Sbu unfazed by social media criticism



DJ Sbu, the well-known radio personality, has expressed that he does not have any issues with individuals who hold opinions about him, unlike other celebrities who frequently engage in social media feuds. In a viral video online, the DJ claimed to love everyone, including Sizwe Dhlomo, who recently took a shot at him as reported by IOL. Dhlomo, who is known for speaking his mind, criticized DJ Sbu’s idea of returning to the South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) to “serve” his country. Dhlomo, who has engaged in social media battles in the past, had a prolonged argument with entrepreneur and motivational speaker Vusi Thembekwayo, which ended badly.

In response to Dhlomo’s comments, DJ Sbu pointed out that he and Dhlomo were different people. While he has nothing against Dhlomo, who he considers his brother, DJ Sbu sees himself as a hustler who builds things. He stated that those who criticize him will not comprehend how he operates as a hustler compared to employees who receive a fixed monthly salary.

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DJ Sbu also spoke about his successful energy drink, which he claims will become the dominant drink in Africa. He acknowledged that it may take some time, but he is confident that it will happen. Despite the negative comments he receives on social media, DJ Sbu maintains a positive outlook and is determined to keep moving forward.

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Photo: Facebook /  @DJ Sbu