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Tweeps skeptical as Roger Federer takes economy flight to Johannesburg



Roger Federer

If you’re a tennis fan, encountering the 20-time Grand Slam champion, Roger Federer, on an economy-class flight is a major deal. However, it’s not every day you see a highly-paid athlete like Federer opting for a regular flight instead of a private jet or business class. Recently, while visiting Lesotho as part of his charity work, Federer surprised everyone by hopping on a flight to Johannesburg in South Africa, showing his down-to-earth side and love for exploration, as reported by IOL.

A video clip posted on Twitter captured the moment when Federer, with his luggage in tow, walked down the economy class aisle, greeted by surprised and delighted passengers. The caption accompanying the video read, “Imagine you are in economy class, and you see Roger Federer getting on the plane and sitting in the seat right behind you 😮 A man experienced this while going to Johannesburg a few weeks ago!!!”

However, some Twitter users couldn’t comprehend why Federer would choose an economy class when he owned his private jet. They questioned the logic behind his decision, unable to grasp the humble act of the Swiss player. One tweet expressed disbelief: “What is RF doing on an Economy Flight when he owns his own JET? Sorry, but it makes absolutely no sense for multiple reasons?”

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But it’s not strange for Federer to want to embrace normalcy and avoid extravagance. But unfortunately, some people have become accustomed to a world where everything must be grandiose. Another tweet commented, “No way this man flew from Europe to SA in economy. Even I would avoid this.”


Nevertheless, one fan captured the extraordinary moment, proving the doubters wrong. The encounter with Roger Federer on an economy-class flight became a reality, leaving everyone in awe.

It shows that even sporting legends like Federer are not immune to the desire for a more everyday experience. Despite his fame and fortune, he chose to connect with everyday people on a flight, reminding us that sometimes the simple things matter most.

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