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Forest Hill Murder Trial Rescheduled for September 15



Forest Hill Murder Trial Rescheduled for September 15

Magistrate Habib presided over a significant development in the Forest Hill murder case, where proceedings were adjourned to September 15 to establish new trial dates. The matter was addressed at the Booysens Magistrate’s Court on September 7, owing to the absence of the defence attorney, Ms Munyai.

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Originally, the murder trial of the defendant, Kleave van Staden, was scheduled for September 6 and 7. On the first day, September 6, the court heard testimony from two minors and a paramedic. The proceedings were then adjourned until September 7, during which time three police officers were slated to provide their testimonies.

However, on the morning of September 7, Attorney Munyai was conspicuously absent from the proceedings. Attempts to locate her proved futile, as she could not be reached via her cellphone. In light of these circumstances, Magistrate Habib was left with no option but to postpone the case, expressing her frustration with the situation and lamenting the state of the legal system. Consequently, the case has been rescheduled to reconvene on September 15. The accused’s attorney will use this time to arrange new trial dates.

The charges against Kleave van Staden pertain to the alleged murder of his wife, Jamillah, on January 8 of the previous year within the confines of Forest Hill.


Source: Trial for Forest Hill murder case postponed to September 15

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