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Alex Residents Worry Prepaid Electricity Meters Will Spike Power Costs



Alex Residents Worry Prepaid Meters Will Spike Power Costs

The installation of smart prepaid electricity meters in Alexandra has sparked concerns among some residents who fear that these meters may render electricity unaffordable for them. Johannesburg City Power initiated a program to install 5,000 prepaid meters in the township as part of revenue-generation efforts as reported by Eyewitness News.

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However, residents residing on the informal side of Alexandra have expressed apprehension. They argue that many individuals in their community lack stable sources of income and are unable to bear the costs associated with prepaid electricity.

Sihongo Qolani, a resident on 17th Avenue, disclosed that her home had an illegal electricity connection, enabling her to access electricity without charge, much like others in her street. Qolani emphasised that the City of Joburg should consider the significant number of unemployed mothers in Alexandra, who rely solely on the State-sponsored child support grant as their source of income.

Nyameka Sesimani, another resident, acknowledged that she would pay for electricity if required, recognising it as a necessity. She remarked, “I don’t know how we’re going to pay for the electricity, but if we have to pay for it then we will because some people work, and others don’t. It will also depend on how much this electricity will cost.”


In response, the City of Joburg clarified that residents who cannot afford utility payments can apply for the municipality’s indigent policy. If they meet the specified criteria, they may qualify for free services, thus alleviating the financial burden on those who are less economically privileged in the community.

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