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Gauteng’s Power Crisis: Dumisani Dakile Highlights Solutions




Gauteng, a province in South Africa, is set to host an energy indaba next month as part of its efforts to address the persistent issue of load shedding that has severely impacted the economy and forced several businesses to shut down. The announcement was made by Dumisani Dakile, the economic adviser to Gauteng Premier Panyaza Lesufi, during the inaugural day of the Soweto Investment Conference held at Nasrec this week. Lesufi, who was away promoting the province as an investment destination, entrusted Dakile to deliver the keynote address on his behalf. Dakile expressed confidence in the Gauteng government’s ability to offer viable solutions to the power crisis as reported by Sunday World.

“We believe that we have solutions now. We believe that people have been able to provide us with the kind of solutions that can be undertaken in order for us to resolve the issue of loadshedding,” Dakile stated, emphasising the valuable contributions of Small, Medium, and Micro Enterprises (SMMEs) towards finding solutions. The two-day conference, themed “township economic development” and in its second year, aimed to bring together businesses and potential investors to explore growth opportunities, particularly within townships.

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Dakile asserted that the province has the potential to overcome its electricity challenges. “We have solutions; we are ready to share them,” he confidently declared. In line with this commitment, the government has allocated R1.2 billion for the current financial year to engage with the private sector and address energy-related issues. Dakile highlighted the perplexing situation in Soweto, questioning why the area continues to face a crisis despite having idle infrastructure, such as the unused Soweto towers. As part of the intervention program, he proposed that the government take control of the city power in Soweto and make necessary investments to tackle the problems of loadshedding in the province.

The conference revolved around four key themes: trade and investment, energy security and alternative energy supply to the business community of Soweto, infrastructure development, and safety, security, and the environment. Thulani Nzima, Chair of the South African Township and Village Tourism Association, addressed the conference, urging development funders to approach township and village businesses with a fresh perspective due to their unique nature. Nzima expressed dissatisfaction with the lack of clarity and consistent criteria for supporting such businesses. He specifically called upon the prominent banks present at the conference to tailor their investment assessment approaches to suit the needs of township and village enterprises.


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Furthermore, Nzima called for politicians to demonstrate their commitment to transformation by allocating adequate funds to support legislation that promotes positive change. “You have an opportunity to legislate and legislate correctly… to legislate for good,” he emphasised. He also urged the governing party to enforce punitive measures against those who fail to comply with legislation, emphasising the need for accountability and genuine transformation.

The energy indaba and the Soweto Investment Conference collectively represent Gauteng’s determination to address its power crisis and foster economic growth in the province. By bringing together key stakeholders and exploring innovative solutions, Gauteng aims to overcome the challenges of loadshedding, promote investment opportunities, and contribute to the region’s overall development.

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