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Electoral Commission Applauds Announcement of 2024 Election Date



2024 election date

The Electoral Commission is satisfied with President Cyril Ramaphosa’s announcement of the 2024 election date. It is scheduled for 29 May 2024. According to the South African Government, this declaration sets a clear timeline for the Commission to ramp up preparations for Election Day.

The recent voter registration campaign, comprising various initiatives such as general registration weekends, overseas voter registration drives, and campus activations, has culminated in a voter roll of 27.6 million voters. However, eligible voters still have until Friday 23 February 2024 to register, as this is the anticipated day for the proclamation of the election date.


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For unregistered voters or those needing to update their address details, avenues such as visiting local municipality offices, accessing the online voter registration portal, or contacting the WhatsApp line are available. Following the election date proclamation, the Election Timetable will be published in the Government Gazette, detailing important deadlines for electoral activities.

Key aspects of the timetable will include the certification of the voters’ roll, publication of voting station details, submission of candidates’ nominations, and applications for special votes. The Electoral Commission reminds voters of the general rule: register and vote at the station corresponding to their residence. However, exceptions can be made for voting outside the registered district, subject to notification to the Electoral Commission as stipulated in the Election Timetable.

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Picture: Meta / The Presidency of the Republic of South Africa

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