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2024 Elections: Over 350 Parties Registered with IEC, Providing Voters with Abundant Choices



2024 elections

As the 2024 elections approach, South African voters face extensive political options. According to EWN, more than 350 parties are registered with the Electoral Commission of South Africa (IEC).

The surge in party registrations, totalling at least 27 new entries in the last quarter of 2023 alone, suggests a dynamic landscape. Many of these emerging parties boast former political leaders and influencers at their helm, aiming to entice disillusioned voters away from more prominent and established political entities.

While the proliferation of parties might imply a willingness among voters to explore alternatives, Heather Thuynsma, a Political Sciences lecturer at the University of Pretoria (UP), offers a nuanced perspective. Despite evident voter disillusionment with the political system, she highlights that the response has often been withdrawal, manifesting in declining turnout in recent elections.

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Thuynsma suggests that the trend of new parties may be more about individual politicians than a collective shift in voter sentiment. Additionally, she raises concerns about the financial viability of these newcomer parties, particularly in the current constrained economic climate.


Running a political campaign demands substantial resources, and with a vast pool of parties vying for limited donors, the ability of many new entrants to sustain themselves financially remains uncertain. As the political landscape continues to evolve, the upcoming elections are poised to be critical in determining the impact of these burgeoning political alternatives.

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