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Centurion Lightning Strike Leaves Four Injured



lightning in Centurion

During the intense storm on Tuesday evening, four people got struck by lightning in Centurion while walking along the R55 in Olievenhoutbosch. Sadly, two of them didn’t make it, and two others got seriously hurt. Deputy Chief Charles Mabaso, Tshwane Emergency Services (EMS) ‘s spokesperson confirmed this. He wants everyone to be super careful during thunderstorms and listen to weather warnings.

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Here are some tips to stay safe when there is lightning:

  • It would be best to avoid trees and tall objects and not hang out near metal objects or wide-open spaces. 
  • It’s best to avoid doing anything risky outside when it’s stormy and steer clear of water or high ground.
  • If lightning strikes nearby, crouching down low and covering your ears until it passes is a good idea. Find shelter in a closed-up car, but ensure you’re not touching anything metal.

And if someone gets struck by lightning and they’re not breathing or have no pulse, start CPR right away and call for help ASAP.

Source: Four struck by lightning in Centurion

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Picture: Unsplash / Brandon Morgan

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