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Intensive Efforts Underway in Joburg to Repair Bree Street, Restore Power, and Water



Johannesburg entities are working hard to repair Bree Street

Johannesburg entities are working hard to repair Bree Street and restore power and water after a devastating explosion that occurred on Wednesday. HeraldLIVE reports that the blast caused parts of Bree Street to sink, leading to the evacuation of residents due to the strong smell of gas in the area.

The collaborative team, consisting of Pikitup, Joburg Water, City Power, Johannesburg Road Agency (JRA), and the City of Johannesburg, has tirelessly worked since the underground explosion tragically killed one person and injured 48 others. The impact of the blast was so powerful that it threw vehicles into the air, and the tarmac and nearby buildings suffered damage.

As of Tuesday afternoon, teams restored power after they repaired the Bree Substation. Pikitup dispatched a team to collect illegally dumped waste. At the same time, Johannesburg Water focused on excavating a section of the street to attend to the damaged water and sewer pipes.

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City manager Floyd Brink and officials from the various entities conducted a thorough inspection, ensuring safety measures were in place before commencing repairs. Brink expressed satisfaction with the progress made and praised the hardworking teams for their efforts in declaring the area safe.


City Power technicians worked overnight to restore power after receiving safety clearance from emergency services, the disaster management team, and the labour department. The gas levels have also been cleared, ensuring the teams’ safety as they continue to restore services.

The collaboration between these Joburg entities showcases their dedication to restoring essential services and repairing the damage caused by the explosion on Bree Street. Their efforts reflect a commitment to the safety and well-being of the residents affected by this tragic event.

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