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Residents in Joburg CBD Anticipate Water and Electricity Restoration After Devastating Explosion



Joburg still has no water or electricity after the explosion

Joburg still has no water or electricity after the explosion that disrupted its CBD on 19 July. EWN reports that Johannesburg Mayor Kabelo Gwamanda stated that the officials had ruled out most of the speculation over the gas leak explosion in the city centre.

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Gwamanda, accompanied by city manager Floyd Brink and some mayoral committee members, conducted an oversight visit to the area on Monday, where one person was killed. Almost 50 others were injured due to the underground blast that tore through Lilian Ngoyi Street, near the Bree taxi rank, causing massive damage to infrastructure and vehicles, some with passengers inside.

The blast’s aftermath has left most of central Johannesburg without essential services. These conditions have prompted Gwamanda to emphasise the need to ensure the area’s safety before restoration efforts occur. He expressed a desire for the city to solve the problem and restore power and water supply for the affected residents.

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Picture: Twitter / KabeloGwamanda

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