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South African Households Could See Monthly Electricity Bill Increase of R480



monthly electricity bill hike

South African households face a substantial monthly electricity bill hike, potentially adding R480 monthly, totalling R5,760 annually. Jean-Phillipe Ghyoot of Alumo Energy predicts this surge. NERSA approved a 12.74% hike for 2024/2025. It affects Eskom customers from April 1 and municipal customers from July 1, compounding last year’s 18.65% rise amidst extensive load shedding.

Ghyoot emphasises South Africa’s dire power situation, citing unreliable supply and ongoing price hikes. Alumo forecasts a family of five in Pretoria facing a 12.74% increase, with monthly bills exceeding R4,300 and annual costs nearing R51,600. Three years ago, they paid about R3,000 monthly; five years ago, they paid around R2,500, showing a significant escalation.

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Comparatively, South Africans pay 250% more for electricity than Nigerians and face steeper tariffs than nine other African nations. Ghyoot advocates for solar systems, projecting at least 65% savings on electricity bills and potential savings of R43,000 over three years. He stresses the stability of alternative power costs against rising electricity prices, promoting them as long-term investments.

Amidst this, “life as normal” is unrealistic. Ghyoot urges quality solar system installations to benefit electricity savings and enhance property value.


Source: South African households could face a R480 monthly electricity bill hike

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