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City Initiates Replacement of Conventional Electricity Meters with Prepaid Meters



prepaid meters

The City of Ekurhuleni is implementing a modernisation initiative, replacing conventional electricity meters with new prepaid meters to address issues of illegal connections and meter tampering. According to city spokesperson Zweli Dlamini, the prepaid meters offer enhanced convenience by limiting electricity consumption to the value loaded into the meter, aiding household budgeting. These meters feature a user-friendly keypad for easy interaction, with the unit designed to plug into any household socket.

Electrical meter management contractors oversee the rollout of these prepaid meters, ensuring installation, functionality, and customer education on usage. The meter replacement process typically takes 30 to 60 minutes, with electricity restored immediately upon completion, including 40 pre-loaded units. Dlamini emphasised that approved rates and specifications for prepaid meters align with conventional meters.

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Customers are encouraged to cooperate with contractors for seamless meter replacement, with disconnection as a last resort for non-compliance. Contractors carry appointment letters to verify their identity and purpose, ensuring customer safety. Customers in specific areas can contact Enyane Solutions to verify contractor identity.

Source: City replacing conventional electricity meters with prepaid meters


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